4 Exterior Paint Ideas to Give the Best Impression

Are you considering fixing up the exterior of your home? There are a lot of factors to consider before diving into such a project, so read on for some sound advice on where to begin. For starters, Benjamin Moore Aura Paints are perfect for the exterior of your house, because they are durable and resist … Continued

Make Your Front Door a Sign of Welcome

When people think of repainting their house, it’s easy to focus on fixing up the interior, where you spend the most time, but don’t forget the impression that the exterior makes as well. Your front door speaks volumes about your home, and Pro Painters has tons of experience with Houston exterior painting, so let us … Continued

4 Ways to Create an Atmospheric Living Room

Your living room represents your quintessential style and sets the tone for your whole house, so why keep it boring and predictable? Picking the right paint color can make all of the difference in how it turns out, so let Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, help you make the decision, in order to put … Continued

Thoughts on an Inviting Dining Room

It’s holiday time and entertaining friends and family members can mean using the dining room which may normally sit untouched. This can lead to worry about having the room looking its best before going on display. What better way to celebrate than to have a new coat of paint and color in your showcasing room! … Continued

Inspiring Ideas for Your Bathroom

People don’t tend to get as excited about fixing up a bathroom as other rooms in the house, but part of the battle is just knowing what elements you want to bring to the space. Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, is happy to help you make these decisions if you are in need of … Continued

3 Great Paint Color Schemes for a Kitchen

Your kitchen is where you spend a majority of your time at home–fortifying yourself with breakfast, making lunches for school, and gathering with your family to talk about your day over dinner–so it’s important to choose a color that will inspire and delight you. There are many things to consider, including your style and the … Continued

Accent Walls: Go Beyond the Usual

You’re tired of the plain white or beige walls. You want a paint color that is bolder, brighter, more noticeable. Before you choose your favorite color and douse the walls with it, consider how it might change the appearance of the room. Some colors may be too bold and make a room seem closed off … Continued

3 Ways to Make the Rooms in Your Home Seem Bigger

Your home is what you make it. Big or small, it serves as your rock and sanctuary from the outside world. As your personal space, it’s important that you feel as happy and comfortable as possible. How you decorate, what furniture you purchase, and how you choose to arrange it are the things that will … Continued

4 Things to Consider When Painting Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for sleep and rest, an escape from the bustling real world. It offers you a chance to unwind and recharge to prepare for the next day. Deciding what color to paint the room might seem minor compared to things like choosing bedroom furniture, but the color is the foundation to … Continued

Your Commercial Coatings Guide

When you go to paint a building there are so many steps to go through that it’s easy to forget the importance of using the right product for the right layer and location of your project. We can break down the types of interior commercial areas that require coating into three categories: high-traffic, high-exposure, and … Continued

Leftover Paint Tips

There is almost always leftover paint once a project is finished, but then there comes the question: what should you do with it? You have a few different options: reuse, recycling, or disposal. You can read on to learn the various ways to put your paint to good use. Make sure you don’t ever pour … Continued

Spec Tool Chooses Your Ideal Paint

When starting a painting project, sometimes the hardest part can be simply picking the right paint to use. It’s not just about color, but brand, texture, and coating as well. What if you choose the wrong one and hate the end result? This is why Sherwin Williams came up with the free online tool, SpecExpress, … Continued

Beat the Peel

Old houses can leave us with all kinds of peeling paint, so what do we do when we want to fix it up? Some people think you can just paint right over old paint without any issue, but this is not the case. Before starting, make sure you remove as much paint as feasibly possible … Continued

Six Exterior Stains for the Win

You may wonder, how do I know which stain to use on which type of wood or how long it will last? Well, it’s more complicated than you may think. The environment plays a role, too, with various kinds of brutal weather giving your coat a beating, so relying on professionals to give you tips … Continued

Clean Coating by Cabinet Coat INSL-X

Did you know that the finishing on your cabinets are a dead giveaway of your home’s age? People tend to forget how important it is to update this detail in their kitchen. It’s the most popular room in the house, so it should match the style of everything else getting updated. You want people to … Continued

Office Space Coatings That Last

Do you have a new office being built or need some touch ups in your current office space? If you do, it’s important to use the correct coatings to ensure a lasting and low chemical finished product. Commercial environments require low-or-zero-VOC coatings which are durable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s best to pick a product which … Continued

Wallpaper is making a Comeback!

Remember how wallpaper was all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s? Every wall was covered in a funky pattern and you weren’t cool if you didn’t have one, but once the fad got old, people didn’t know how to properly remove the coverings themselves. Some people went so far as to damage their walls, … Continued

Vantablack is the World’s Blackest Material

Vantablack is a mega-black coating that made the world record for world’s darkest manmade substance. Originally developed for satellite-borne blackbody calibration systems, it has now found widespread application due to its special optical and physical properties. It started off being applied by using vacuum deposition technology, but now Vantablack comes in a spray that can … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Outside During Winter

Most Houstonians wish for the cold weather all year long, waiting for relief from the hot and humid stickiness of the rest of the year. Thus, winter in Houston may seem like the perfect time to paint outside because cooler temperatures are more comfortable and easier to work in, but temperatures in the winter may … Continued

ColorSnap Precision Color Accuracy

Have you heard? Sherwin-Williams recently launched their new ColorSnap Precision system to simplify paint selection. Sherwin-Williams teamed up with IDEO, an international design and consulting firm, to help simplify the color selection experience for both professionals and DIY people. “We were honored to work with Sherwin-Williams to reimagine the color selection journey through the lens … Continued

Doors Done in a Snap

Ever wished they would invent a paint which dries quickly enough for you to close your front door and move on with your life? Well, your wish has been granted! Perfect for your Houston interior painting project, Sherwin-Williams released their new SnapDry Semi-Gloss Interior Exterior Door and Trim Paint to help your painting jobs go … Continued

New Product Released: Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating

Sherwin-Williams has been a leading paint provider for nearly 150 years and we here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, swear by their products. Sherwin-Williams recently launched their Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating, which is an exterior paint and primer in one, tintable to pastel and mid-tone shades, making it a great new asset for … Continued

Prep Practices to Prepare for any Project

Cleaning Before beginning any painting project, it is quite important to guarantee the surfaces are clean. An ill prepped surface will just lead to your cover coming off sooner rather than later. For example, kitchen surfaces around the stove may be stained with grease. This can be easily removed with warm soapy water. If the … Continued

Exterior Stucco Coating Tips

Although the date is unclear, stucco has been around for thousands of years. Stucco is a plaster that is used for molding into architectural designs or for coating the surfaces of walls. While stucco creates a strong finish, the difficult aspect of it is how it can crack relatively easily, ranging in size from minuscule … Continued

Spray Guns to Get the Job Done

Sure, brushing and rolling are great ways to get your paint job done, but what about the difficult ones with a large area to cover? That’s when a spray gun comes in handy. Don’t know how to use one? That’s when you call in professionals like us, your Houston painting company, Pro Painters, to get … Continued

Removable Paint is a Reality

Off the Wall Paints is a company hailing from Cedartown, Georgia and they have just come up with a wonderful new innovative idea for Houston interior painting. They have launched a line of removable latex paint! This ground breaking product, known as OTW paint, can be used as conventional paint in settings where the adornment … Continued

Touchups to Sell Your Home

When aiming to sell your house, it’s hard to know what exactly sticks out the most or is liable to make potential home buyers turn away in disgust, but with this quick guide I can help you figure that out! Remember, we here at Pro Painters are always ready to help you get your home … Continued

Houston: The International Super City

It’s unbelievable how quickly our city has grown in just the past three years! From 2012 to 2015 we went from just underneath $5 billion for building permits to $8.2 billion, according to the City of Houston’s records. Within that time frame, our skyline also skyrocketed from 269 million sq. ft. to 300 million sq. … Continued

Bird Feather Discovery Could Mean Fade Proof Paint!

Imagine a beautiful parrot spreading its wings to take flight. Now imagine if colors like that could exist on your walls! Coming up, we may have fade-proof paint based off of discoveries scientists recently made on why birds’ feathers retain their vibrance. How cool is that? Have you ever wondered why birds’ feathers don’t go … Continued

Ceiling Painting at its Finest

Ever wondered how to effectively paint your ceilings? If you are worried about the difficulty of the task and the amount of time it takes, you should be! Ceiling painting isn’t easy, and it’s one of the many Houston painting services that we here at Pro Painters offer, so give us a call today to … Continued

Exterior Paints That Last

After all the rain we’ve had so far this year, now is a better time than ever to emphasize how important a good exterior paint job is. The prep work counts for a lot, but beyond that, the coating needs to be superb as well. Below, five painting professionals give their go-to products and explain … Continued

Green is Good

Environmentally friendly paint is all the rage these days. Companies like Sherwin Williams, Dunn-Edwards Paints, PPG, and Benjamin Moore have all jumped on board to make their paint as green as possible. But why, you ask. These paints are specifically designed for commercial or industrial projects, like schools and hospitals, to keep them safe from … Continued

Caulk Like a Pro

Do you ever wish you could caulk something in your home, but aren’t sure of the best way to go about doing it? Well, below I will teach you the dos and don’ts of caulking, so you can get your important project underway. “The correct caulk selection for the job requires an understanding of the … Continued

Rainworks Invisible Spray Makes Surprise Pictures for All to See!

Have you heard? A new product is out which allows you to make an invisible picture that only shows up in the rain: Rainworks Invisible Spray! It’s the only superhydrophobic coating that is absolutely undetectable in daylight. The spray is non-toxic when dry, and doesn’t damage the surface it is applied to. It will generally … Continued

Color Your World at Colortopia Exhibit at Epcot

Did you know that Walt Disney World Resort has just opened a new interactive color experience at the infamous Epcot Center? The aptly named Colortopia by Glidden is part of the park’s “Innoventions”, which is an exhibit designed to highlight the latest technology and products from companies around the world. Within the exhibit, there is … Continued

Flood Repair in Houston

Are you struggling to get your house back in order after the recent floods across the greater Houston area? Are you one of the many people in Cypress or Meyerland who suffered multiple rooms under water or your entire house drowning from the rain? Well, we here at Pro Painters are here to help! As … Continued

Concrete & Masonry Products

Are you needing color added to a concrete patio or steps outside your home, but you aren’t sure what products to use? What about working on your foundation or an industrial construction project? Well, I have below descriptions of five of the best products on the market for these purposes with detailed explanations on how … Continued

Winter Painting

Some people don’t think to get exterior painting work done in the winter as they believe it’s too cold. However, you can paint down to 35 degrees now, so that isn’t stopping us from painting Houston! Of course you can always do interior work as well. If you missed getting touch ups done before the … Continued

ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams

Looking to make some updates to your house or office in the new year? Sherwin Williams has some fabulous news about what it’s offering in the way of Houston painting services. The company has set up a new ColorSnap system which utilizes online and offline tools alike, in addition to an in-store display, to make … Continued

2016 Color of the Year

Houston interior painting can be a struggle when you don’t know what colors to pick for your home, but this year Pantone decided to do something a little different. Instead of having separate multiple colors, they have combined two to make the color of the year a combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity. The two … Continued