7 Terrific Tools for Painting

When it comes to painting your home or business there are a lot of necessary tools and details to keep up with, but how do you know which ones are most important? We’ve compiled a list of some of the latest cutting edge tools to help you on the job. These new releases can be … Continued

Extreme Cover Blocks Stains

Do you ever notice gross stains on walls and wish that there was a paint that could repel them? Well, now there is! Sherwin Williams has just released a new product that will block against stains called Extreme Cover. This product is going to change the way we view paint jobs with the added science … Continued

Masking Done Right

Masking is a vital step for any non-messy painting job. It can prevent splatter, drips, or overspray that will damage the area and therefore make for a much more frustrating experience. We here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, have some advice to give to help you through this part of the process. Here’s … Continued

Pantone Color of the Year

Every year there is an official color of the year selected by paint officials. For 2017, the color Greenery was chosen because it is “reminiscent of new growth in spring time, signals a need for rejuvenation and renewal, and offers us the feel of a fresh start”. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color … Continued

The Best Specialty Coating for Your Project

Whether you’re trying to update some furniture, or recoat some tile, choosing the right specialty coating for your DIY project is really important. The right coating will add functionality as well as aesthetics to your project. Recoating Tile When your tiles need a fresh update, adding a new coat can add durability and longevity. Rust-Oleum’s … Continued

Upgrading your DIY Project with a Sanding System

When you’re excited for your first coat of primer or paint for your next home project or new business, an uneven, dusty surface can ruin the mood. Investing in a good sanding system can cut down surface prep time drastically. These sanding systems merge a vacuum with a sander to sand down rough surfaces and … Continued

Nasa is Creating an Anti-Bug Coating

NASA is not your typical paint coating enthusiast, but as bug residue increasingly became a problem for aviation, they are creating their own solution. This paint coating should reduce bug buildup and prevent drag on the wings. Bug buildup is a huge economic issue because it creates turbulent airflow during take off and adds five … Continued

Color Can Affect Home Sales

As much as you love the perfect shade of beige that you chose for your living room, it may not be the best color if you plan on selling your house. The right colors can help an apprehensive buyer fall in love with your house, too. Color Trends There is a new shift away toward … Continued

Expert Recommended Exterior Paints

There’s been a trend towards more individuality when it comes to the color of your house. Adding pops of color, whether it is on your window mullions, trim, or the entire exterior, can be just what you need to stand out on your block. If your house is overdue for a new look, choosing a … Continued

Necessary Tools for Your Paint Project

Whether you’ve been inspired by your summer vacation or your new spirit color, a paint project is now in progress. You’ve already chosen a color and bought the paint, but painting a room is a lot different from that time you painted birdhouses at summer camp. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled a … Continued

BOMA 2018 Convention

Are you in the commercial real estate industry? Are you a business owner with plans for upgrading your building? While we handle the painting side of your property, you can learn more about all of the other aspects of upgrading commercial property at the BOMA 2018 Convention. What is it? The BOMA Conference & Expo … Continued

Which Paint Shop Should be Your Paint Stop

So you’ve chosen the perfect color, and you’re ready to turn your vision into a reality. With so many paint shops and retailers out there, how can you choose the right place for you? We recommend choosing based on what you value in your paint shopping experience. Whether that’s extensive knowledge or the lowest prices, … Continued

Premium vs. Economy Paint

Whether you’re putting your house on the real estate market, or you’re about to get a new tenant, putting a fresh coat of premium paint on the walls isn’t entirely necessary. New occupants might paint the walls themselves, and it is not an economic decision to splurge on the highest quality paint. The better choice … Continued

Thermoelectric & Anti-Solar Paint

We know that paint can do many a thing for a house or building, like create a vibrant atmosphere, but new findings suggest that paint can do even more. What if paint could generate electricity or cool your house down? Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have developed thermoelectric (TE) paint that … Continued

ColorSmart by BEHR

In need of a change? Whether you’re inspired by the bright colors of summer barbeques or the bold colors of a vacation in the mountains, finding paint to match your mood is easier than ever. BEHR has just released ColorSmart, a free mobile application for Apple and Android users designed to bring its web technology … Continued

Decorate Your Deck

Individually wanting to be different than your neighbors will help a house feel more like a home, and Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, suggests several different ways to create this homey feeling. Your freshly stained deck has the ability to enhance your home’s appeal and value by creating a safe space, outside. Colors influence … Continued

National Painting Week

National Painting Week officially lasts from May 19th-29th this year. During this time, professional painters can give back to their communities by helping Sherwin Williams with their selected projects for the year. Sherwin Williams also enlists bloggers, design, and color experts for the epic painting projects during these 11 days. Last Year Last year, Sherwin … Continued

Paint Combos to Make You Go “Ah”

Painting brings with it a slew of decisions, one of which is what colors to use and how to use them most effectively for the right look in your rooms. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, the overall feeling created by the surrounding colors inside leaves an impact on your visitors. Read … Continued

Your Top Coatings for 2017

There are many options out there in the market for coatings, so how do you know which to use? It’s easy to forget about the importance of your coating all together when starting a home project, so don’t let the daunting task of choosing a good one to allow you to skip it entirely. Go … Continued

Capitol Dome Restoration Project

Over 150 years ago, the United States Capitol Dome was constructed of cast iron by the Architects of the Capitol. Now, for the first time since 1960, the current Architect has just completed a full restoration, which has taken place over the course of several years. Why did this symbol of American freedom need to … Continued

Protect Your Plants From Paint

In the same way that you protect your plants from frost during the cold, you also want to protect them from paint spillage or other harmful chemicals during a home restoration project. Barry Toutman, the technical advisor of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, gives some tips on how to prepare your plants for what’s … Continued

The Best Adhesives in 2017

What kind of adhesive should you use on your construction project? There are a lot out there to choose from, so how do you know which is ideal for your particular task? Well, we’ve narrowed down your options with a few suggestions from painting pros across the country whose opinions we stand behind. Read on … Continued

New Prep Tools

With the help of these exciting new prep tools on the market, everyone can complete the necessary prepping step more efficiently and accurately, leading to a better overall outcome. Masks Hand-Masker Film Blade, 3M This hand-masker tool puts together tape and film so the masking can be finished in one easy step. The guide bar … Continued

7 New Coatings from 2016

Last year was a great year for the coatings industry! Major manufacturers listened to their customers and teamed up to create new products based off of the feedback they’ve been given by the people who work with the materials day in and day out, and it shows. PPG Paints’ Coatings PPG announced their new breakthrough: … Continued

Waterproofing: Yay or Nay?

Waterproofing surfaces can be a questionable task as you try to figure out what products can use a waterproofing sealant and which cannot. Thus, we’ve come up with this guide to help send you in the right direction. Below Grade You can apply all-purpose Below Grade waterproof as a primer on floors or walls, as … Continued

Your Brush Guide

When it comes to paint brushes, there are a plethora out there, and each one has its own specific function it was designed for, which you may not be familiar with. That’s why we’re here to break it down for you in a simplified guide you can reference when you have questions. Brush Types Made … Continued

Choosing the Perfect Color

Selecting colors for your home can be a daunting task. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? Luckily, Houston interior painting is a specialty of Pro Painters so we are happy to help you make these choices if you need it, but we would also like to offer some advice from your Houston … Continued

Painting Exterior Windows

Want to quickly improve your curb appeal? Try adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior windows! These will make the front of your house pop and lend the appearance of a newer looking entrance to your home. Just make sure you select trim paint because it is tough and therefore specially formulated to … Continued

Strip It Good

Sometimes people don’t realize the necessity of stripping furniture effectively before applying new paint. A fresh coat of paint won’t actually cover old paint evenly, so make the stripping process your first step of the project. Apply Stripper It’s important to completely strip away any stains or old paint from wood furniture before applying a … Continued

Lively Color Options for Your Home

There are so many rooms to consider when repainting your house, how does one possibly decide on colors for everything? Well, we’ve got you covered! Just read our suggestions for each room of your home. Enter at Your Own Risk Let’s start with the entryway. For a modern pop, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle, … Continued

Hallway Color Recommendations

Hallways are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be, as they are the link between everything in your home. In choosing a color for this area, keep in mind that hallways are usually on the darker side due to not having windows, so you should aim to use lighter colors. This will reflect the light back … Continued

Color of the Year: Violet Verbena

What is Violet Verbena? This year’s color, selected by PPG Pittsburgh Paints, is Violet Verbena, a soothing, light violet shade which verges on looking gray. This color will add luxury and depth to the room of your choosing, with its nuanced shade, that blends masculine and feminine into a modern, mystic look, is perfect for … Continued

5 Steps to Terrific Trim

It can be easy to overlook, but you should often consider the condition of your home’s trim work and decide whether they need a fresh coat. This may seem more complicated than painting walls so people are more prone to avoid doing it, but with these five steps, we will have you on your way … Continued

Formula Adjustments Improve Your Favorite Paints

Relying on the same paint every time you have a project can feel stifling, especially if you assume the paint formula has remained the same over time and will always lend you the same result. However, Sherwin Williams frequently makes updates to improve their paint and give a better end result with the adjustments. Here … Continued

Your 5 Best Roller Cover Options

When it comes to painting rooms in your house, choosing the right roller cover may not be at the top of your priority list, but doing so can make all of the difference on the application process. The final appearance is also largely determined by the cover used, so you must choose wisely. Chris Haber, … Continued

Colormix 2017

Every year Sherwin-Williams comes up with some distinct color palettes which they feel represent the current trends in society and culture. This year’s four color palette creations are called: Noir, Holistic, Intrepid, and Unbounded. They consist of ten colors each, offering you the option of designing your house for whatever mood best suits you. Whether … Continued

4 Exterior Paint Ideas to Give the Best Impression

Are you considering fixing up the exterior of your home? There are a lot of factors to consider before diving into such a project, so read on for some sound advice on where to begin. For starters, Benjamin Moore Aura Paints are perfect for the exterior of your house, because they are durable and resist … Continued

Make Your Front Door a Sign of Welcome

When people think of repainting their house, it’s easy to focus on fixing up the interior, where you spend the most time, but don’t forget the impression that the exterior makes as well. Your front door speaks volumes about your home, and Pro Painters has tons of experience with Houston exterior painting, so let us … Continued

4 Ways to Create an Atmospheric Living Room

Your living room represents your quintessential style and sets the tone for your whole house, so why keep it boring and predictable? Picking the right paint color can make all of the difference in how it turns out, so let Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, help you make the decision, in order to put … Continued

Thoughts on an Inviting Dining Room

It’s holiday time and entertaining friends and family members can mean using the dining room which may normally sit untouched. This can lead to worry about having the room looking its best before going on display. What better way to celebrate than to have a new coat of paint and color in your showcasing room! … Continued

Inspiring Ideas for Your Bathroom

People don’t tend to get as excited about fixing up a bathroom as other rooms in the house, but part of the battle is just knowing what elements you want to bring to the space. Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, is happy to help you make these decisions if you are in need of … Continued

3 Great Paint Color Schemes for a Kitchen

Your kitchen is where you spend a majority of your time at home–fortifying yourself with breakfast, making lunches for school, and gathering with your family to talk about your day over dinner–so it’s important to choose a color that will inspire and delight you. There are many things to consider, including your style and the … Continued

Accent Walls: Go Beyond the Usual

You’re tired of the plain white or beige walls. You want a paint color that is bolder, brighter, more noticeable. Before you choose your favorite color and douse the walls with it, consider how it might change the appearance of the room. Some colors may be too bold and make a room seem closed off … Continued

3 Ways to Make the Rooms in Your Home Seem Bigger

Your home is what you make it. Big or small, it serves as your rock and sanctuary from the outside world. As your personal space, it’s important that you feel as happy and comfortable as possible. How you decorate, what furniture you purchase, and how you choose to arrange it are the things that will … Continued

4 Things to Consider When Painting Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for sleep and rest, an escape from the bustling real world. It offers you a chance to unwind and recharge to prepare for the next day. Deciding what color to paint the room might seem minor compared to things like choosing bedroom furniture, but the color is the foundation to … Continued

Your Commercial Coatings Guide

When you go to paint a building there are so many steps to go through that it’s easy to forget the importance of using the right product for the right layer and location of your project. We can break down the types of interior commercial areas that require coating into three categories: high-traffic, high-exposure, and … Continued

Leftover Paint Tips

There is almost always leftover paint once a project is finished, but then there comes the question: what should you do with it? You have a few different options: reuse, recycling, or disposal. You can read on to learn the various ways to put your paint to good use. Make sure you don’t ever pour … Continued

Spec Tool Chooses Your Ideal Paint

When starting a painting project, sometimes the hardest part can be simply picking the right paint to use. It’s not just about color, but brand, texture, and coating as well. What if you choose the wrong one and hate the end result? This is why Sherwin Williams came up with the free online tool, SpecExpress, … Continued

Beat the Peel

Old houses can leave us with all kinds of peeling paint, so what do we do when we want to fix it up? Some people think you can just paint right over old paint without any issue, but this is not the case. Before starting, make sure you remove as much paint as feasibly possible … Continued

Six Exterior Stains for the Win

You may wonder, how do I know which stain to use on which type of wood or how long it will last? Well, it’s more complicated than you may think. The environment plays a role, too, with various kinds of brutal weather giving your coat a beating, so relying on professionals to give you tips … Continued