Power Washing

Power Washing

Give Your House A Bath

Houston?s weather can be brutal on exterior surfaces. Luckily, Pro Painters can help preserve and protect your patios, decks, and siding with our power washing service. It might be tempting to try power washing yourself, but, if done incorrectly, this can lead to damage and rot from mold. Let our experts take care of the power washing, and we guarantee the exterior of your home will look great and withstand the Houston weather, rain or shine.


The Greater Houston Area can be unforgiving when it comes to weathering and general ?wear and tear? from the elements. With weather that can go from storming and gray to relentlessly sunny, your patios, decks, and house siding can take a real beating over time. Because of the varying levels of humidity, the Greater Houston Area has become especially dependent on power washing services. Pro Painters is prepared to battle these elements and help extend the life and appearance of your house, business, or building at competitive prices! We offer several services to help combat the effects of extreme weather. One of our most requested services is power washing. It?s a simple concept that can be difficult to do and even more difficult to do well. Our power washing services are available for residential or commercial cleaning purposes. We especially recommend it if you run into issues during seasons in the Greater Houston Area where pollen is a persistent problem. We also offer deck and patio cleaning. Your deck or patio is meant for relaxing, so no one likes a dingy or muddy one. From different types of wood to cement, cobblestones, or other patio surfaces, anything that must withstand the elements in the Greater Houston Area will need a proper cleaning from time to time. Whatever your need, Pro Painters is ready to deliver a deck or patio so clean, you?d swear it was brand new!

Leaving your property uncleaned or untouched could cost you much more over time than regular maintenance. Pro Painters knows this and is eagerly awaiting embarking on your power washing, deck cleaning, or patio cleaning project. You can call us with your inquiry or simply fill out a form right here for a free quote. Let us show you that our commitment to excellence and quality extends far beyond our expertise in paint projects.