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Roof Coating

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An update to your business could be a needed revitalization, simple change, or an exciting improvement. From big-time retailers and restaurants to government, education, and medical facilities, Pro Painters can handle a commercial roof coating system with the same ease, quality, and professionalism as any other project. Whatever your need or desire, Pro Painters can deliver!


Pro Painters uses the latest technology available for roof coating projects, because we believe in doing work that lasts, saving you from costly redos in the future.

Commercial and metal roofs tend to develop leak problems over the life of the roof caused by weathering and wearing as a result of time and the natural elements, and there?s no place that should understand this more than right here in Houston, where our roofs are forced to fight off the humidity, heat, and occasional hurricane, sometimes all in the same day.

With all of these things in mind, Pro Painters sought out a new roof coating system which provides a membrane for your roof, shielding your roof from the environment and allowing it to better withstand the battering of a thunderstorm. In short, it extends the life of your roof by protecting it from the impact of sunlight (both infrared and UV rays), hail, rain, and most types of physical damage.

How is this possible? The coating has an innate elasticity that enables it to move and stretch when it needs to and then return to its original form without sustaining any damage to its integrity. Furthermore, the coating system reduces the temperature of the roof?s exterior, thus resulting in a more energy efficient building and a lower monthly energy bill. As you can imagine, the system pays for itself in just a few short years.

From initial application to final inspection, Pro Painters provides better service and quality at a competitive cost, and we know how to maintain your roof. This system can even extend the life of your roof by up to 25 years, making it an investment that your business will benefit from for years to come. It also cuts down on the amount of waste that goes to landfills, which is always a good thing. Ultimately, our highest priority is your complete satisfaction, which is why we guarantee a professional finished product that is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for all labor and materials.

Pro Painters proudly uses Uniflex Coating Products.

If you are interested in acquiring this roof coating system for your home or business or your roof just needs a good cleaning, then don?t hesitate to request a free paint quote or give us a call. We are eagerly awaiting your inquiry and are greatly looking forward to the work we can do together.