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Specialty Services

Surfaces as Unique as You

Sometimes a project requires more to meet your design standards, and Pro Painters is up to the challenge. Beyond traditional paint jobs, we can handle specialty finishes, like wood staining and over a dozen faux finishes. If your design requires a specialty finish or breathing new life into hardwood floors, we?re happy to work with you to achieve the look you want. Whether its a marble, metallic, or Old World aesthetic you?re after, we?ll bring it to life.


Pro Painters can handle any paint project with the utmost quality and care, but did you know that we handle projects beyond just paint, such as specialty finishes, wood stains, and faux finishes? We offer five different types of specialty finishes, seven types of wood stains, and over a dozen types of faux finishes. Why choose a finish? It can better meet your design and vision or lengthen the lifetime of a wood floor, etc. If you?re redoing your home and need wood stains or you are starting a new restaurant and need a specialty finish, just give Pro Painters a call or get a free quote right here. We are confident that we can meet whatever desires you have with the diverse variety of finishes and stains we offer. Since we are committed to excellence at Pro Painters, we only use high quality and trusted brands for any painting project or remodeling project we encounter. No matter the scale, we would be more than happy to help your vision become a well crafted and long lasting reality!

Specialty Services

Specialty Finishes Offered:

  • Encausto Verona: uses finer aggregates to obtain a smoother finish. Multiple colors can be used to obtain a mottled appearance.
  • Metallic: used to create the look of reflective panels or a pearlescent metal finish.
  • Alumina: uses mica chips to achieve a sparkling yet natural look. This can be used to create a classic granite or marble like finish.
  • Aurora Stone: used to achieve the look of a classic or rough stone look.
  • Aurora TC-100: used to achieve a rough or smooth appearance. The difference in application determines the difference in texture.

Wood Stains Offered:

  • Oil
  • Varnish
  • Water-based
  • Gel
  • Lacquer
  • Water-soluble Dye
  • Metalized

Faux Finishes Offered:

  • Wood Grain
  • Marble
  • Old World
    • Textured Fresco
    • Smooth Fresco
    • High Polish Fresco
  • Metallic
    • Smooth Metallic
    • Brushed Metallic
    • Textured Metallic
  • Quartz Stone
    • Smooth Quartz Stone
    • Brushed Quartz Stone
    • Striae Quartz Stone
  • Artisan
    • Crackle
    • Leaf
    • Tissue Paper